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brumbies rugby foundation

The Brumbies Rugby Foundation focuses on advancing our player academy pathway programs. This initiative has been instrumental in fostering the growth of future rugby union stars and elevating our programs to unprecedented levels.


In 2023, the Junior and Senior Academy spaces within the ACT Brumbies organisation were bustling with activity, serving as vibrant hubs for growth, development, and excellence and contributions from members and donors not only enabled these achievements but also inspire a sense of purpose and motivation in our emerging young athletes. With your support, we can assure you that the future of our sport is entrusted to capable hands.


Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities and experiences that 2024 holds for us, and we want you to be a part of it! At the ACT Brumbies, we believe in providing our clients with exceptional moments and unforgettable memories and with that in mind, you are invited to join us as a Friend of the Brumbies. Enjoy functions, experiences and tax benefit, all while knowing you are supporting the future of rugby in our region.


Be a vital part of the Brumbies journey and believe in the power of rugby, together, we can actively shape a more promising future for both the sport and the talented athletes who form an integral part of our rugby family.

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