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benefits of brumbies 

Stronger Business Relationships

Brumbies Hospitality provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which business professionals can build and strengthen relationships with clients, partners, and prospects. Sharing a memorable sports experience can help foster trust and loyalty

Client Appreciation

Hosting clients or potential clients at a sports event is a powerful way to show appreciation for their business and loyalty. It can help in retaining existing clients and winning over new ones

Employee Morale

Inviting employees to Brumbies Hospitality can boost morale and motivation. It provides a unique reward and incentive, showing that their contributions are valued

Enhancing Brand Image

Associating your brand with the ACT Brumbies can elevate your company's image and prestige. It sends a message to clients that your business is successful and values its relationships


Networking Opportunities

Rugby Union brings together a diverse group of attendees, making it an excellent platform for networking. Business leaders can connect with potential clients, partners, and industry peers, opening doors to new opportunities

Entertainment Value

ACT Brumbies offer an exciting and enjoyable experience, creating a positive and memorable impression on attendees. This can help in leaving a lasting impact on clients and prospects.



The relaxed atmosphere of a sports event can be conducive to business discussions and even deal-making. The setting allows for more informal conversations, which can lead to successful negotiations

Content for Marketing

Attending or hosting a hospitality function can generate valuable content for marketing and social media. Sharing images and stories from the event can engage your audience and showcase your brand's active participation

Tax Benefits

Expenses related to corporate hospitality may be tax-deductible, making it a cost-effective way to invest in client relationships and marketing

Market Research Opportunities

These events can provide an opportunity to gain insights into market trends and the competition by interacting with industry leaders and peers

Revenue Generation

For the ACT Brumbies, corporate hospitality packages are a significant source of revenue, helping to support the growth and success of Rugby in the ACT and surrounds

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The Rugby Lounge was great value, no better way to enjoy live rugby!

Smith Richards

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